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Plasma Cutting Machine

    1. Single Plasma Cutting Machine Our single plasma cutting machine uses three-phase power supply (380V) and compressed air gases as well as water as a cooling medium. The cutting power source provides two-speed tuning. Insufficient air pressure, open phase, and over temperature protection are shown clearly. The single plasma cutting machine has ...
    1. Combined Plasma Cutting MachineThe plasma cutting machine is a kind of equipment combining two single plasma cutters. In case of the cutting thickness is less than 1/2 of the max. thickness that can be cut, double cutting torches can work at the same time. What's more, the combined plasma cutting machine can be used as two stand-alone machines, ...

As a China manufacturer and supplier of plasma cutting machine, Huaqiang also provides desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC flame bevel cutting machine, robot excavator boom welding equipment, and others.

Other Products
    1. AC Servo MotorJapanese Panasonic AC servo motor is utilized to drive CNC cutting machine and robot.
      Japanese Mitsubishi AC servo motor is ...
    1. Speed ReducerJapanese Shimpo speed reducer is applied to CNC cutting machine drive.
      For robotic drive, Japanese Sumitomo speed reducer is utilized.
    1. Flame ConsumablesPlasma consumables mainly include electrode and nozzle. Customer order should be based on the model of the plasma power source.
    1. Beam StructureThe beam structure is fit for 10-300mm mild steel cutting.
      The structure doesn't cause the beam deformation.