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CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine
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Our CNC flame cutting machine is suitable for cutting mild steel with thickness between 10-300mm; it is an ideal choice for 80mm-300mm thickness. The CNC flame cutter is assembled from high quality parts such as Italian gas pipe and solenoid valve, Hypertherm MicroEdge Pro CNC control system, and Japanese high precision AC servo motor and speed reducer.

The quality Italian gas pipeline has good tightness, and does not produce the cracking and gas leakage phenomenon.

The solenoid valve from Italy can control the gas flow very well.

The Hypertherm CNC Control System MicroEdge Pro provides easy operation and long life.
Japanese high precision AC servo motor and speed reducer can improve the CNC flame cutting machine's drive.

Advantages of CNC Flame Cutting Machine
1. Solid internal structure ensures the machine will never suffer from distortion.
2. Human-friendly design helps eliminate any security risks.
3. The CNC flame cutting machine comes with a 15m long manual flame cutting torch, which facilitates waste removal for the operator.

Keep the CNC flame cutting machine in good condition with regular maintenance, and the machine can last more than ten years.
There are three optional types of flame-cutting torches:
A. Aorui torch (made in China): cutting mild steel with thickness less than 150mm
B. GENTEC torch (made in America): both the thickness of mild steel less than 150mm and between 200mm-300 mm(need use gas alone) can be cut.
C. GCE torch (made in Germany): cutting mild steel with max. thickness 300mm; the flame consumable, or flame cutting nozzle, has long life and needs replacing per six months


1 MicroEdge pro CNC System (2-axis) Hypertherm the U.S.
3 Automatic Nesting Software FASTCAM Australia
4 Solenoid Valve CEME Italy
5 Horizontal towline, vertical towline CPS South Korea
6 Programmable logic controller (PLC) OMRON Japan
7 Gas Pipe Italy
8 Digital AC servo motor Panasonic Japan
9 Speed reducer SHIMPO Japan
10 Flame cutting torch GCE Sweden

Specifications of CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Specification 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm 7000mm 8000mm
Drive Type Single-side Drive Double-sided Drive
Transverse rail length 1200mm 1700mm 2200mm 2700mm 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm 6200mm 7200mm
Longitudinal rail length ≥6m
Longitudinal effective cutting length 2m less than the rail length
Travel speed Single-side drive: 8000mm/min Dual-side drive: 12000mm/min
Flame cutting speed 100-800mm/min
Cutting Thickness 10-300mm
Transverse cutting torch 1-6 sets (according to customer need)
Cutting torch lifting travel 200mm or 300mm
Flame cutting height control Optional capacitive height control
Power supply AC: 220V ±5%, Frequency: 50-60Hz

Mechanical Precision

1 Non-cutting running speed < 12000mm /min
2 Linear positioning accuracy ±0.1mm/10m
3 Linear repeatability accuracy ±0.2mm/10m
4 Arc voltage automatic adjustment precision ≤±0.1mm
5 Set speed error ≤±5%
6 Main rail straightness ±0.2mm/10m
7 Vertical levelness of the main guide rail ±0.02mm/m
8 Degree of level between the two guide rails ±0.3mm/10m
9 Parallelism between the two rails < ±1mm/gauge
10 Lineation accuracy Square: 0.8m ×0.8m Precision: GB: ≤±0.5mm QB (factory standard): ≤±0.3mm
11 Side length error (quad) 0.3mm
12 Diagonal deviation 0.3mm
13 Deviation of back to punch mark 0.2mm
14 Diagonal straightness 0.3mm
15 Intersection deviation 0.3mm
16 Linear deviation 0.2mm
17 Surface roughness Ra≤12.5μm
18 Cutting slope National Standards

As a professional CNC flame cutting machine manufacturer in China, Huaqiang also supplies desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, robot plasma bevel cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, and more.

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