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Multi Head CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Multi Head CNC Flame Cutting Machine
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Our multi head CNC flame cutting machine uses five or more than five flame cutting torches together to cut straight lines. With manual control of the transverse spacing and lifting height, each cutting torch comes with an automatic ignitor. The multi head CNC flame cutting machine has the advantage of offering multiple cutting of straight lines, improving the cutting efficiency enormously.

In view of the increasing flame-cutting gas flows, the requirement for the quality of components like the gas pipe, electromagnetic valve and gas cylinder manifold is high. We use Italy high quality gas pipe and Italy electrical solenoid valve for gas control, ensuring safety. Also we implement strict quality checks on our multi head CNC flame cutting machine before leaving factory, making certain that the gas pipe joint provides good tightness and each torch can work or extinguish the flame at the same time.

Mechanical Precision

1 Non-cutting running speed < 12000mm /min
2 Linear positioning accuracy ±0.1mm/10m
3 Linear repeatability accuracy ±0.2mm/10m
4 Arc voltage automatic adjustment precision ≤±0.1mm
5 Set speed error ≤±5%
6 Straightness of main guide rail ±0.2mm/10m
7 Vertical levelness of the main guide rail ±0.02mm/m
8 Degree of level between the two rails ±0.3mm/10m
9 Parallelism between the two rails < ±1mm/gauge
10 Lineation accuracy Square: 0.8m ×0.8m Precision: GB: ≤±0.5mm QB (Factory Standard): ≤±0.3mm
11 Side length error (quad) 0.3mm
12 Diagonal deviation 0.3mm
13 Deviation of back to punch mark 0.2mm
14 Diagonal straightness 0.3mm
15 Intersection deviation 0.3mm
16 Linear deviation 0.2mm
17 Surface roughness Ra≤12.5μm
18 Cutting slope National Standards

We are a multi head CNC flame cutting machine manufacturer in China. We provide CNC flame cutting machine, robot excavator bucket panel welding equipment, robot plasma bevel cutting machine, and many others.

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