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Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
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Our company is the first to manufacture the precision CNC plasma cutting machine in China. The CNC plasma cutter is suited for steel plates with maximum thickness less than 50mm, with 3-4 times the cutting speed of a CNC flame cutting machine. Through our technical staff's consistent dedication to product improvement, the precision CNC plasma cutting machine provides extremely high accuracy and high speed. Regarding the cutting quality or precision, it depends 70% on the mechanical accuracy and 30% on the plasma power source and other components.

We at Huaqiang are the first in China to use double beam structural design for the CNC plasma cutter. The cutting machine uses advanced American Hypertherm MircoEdge Pro control system, and the operator only needs to input the thickness of the steel plate and steel material before the system produces automatically all the data. Using SENSOR THC automatic arc voltage height control of Hypertherm, the steel plate bending won't be affected by cutting. The automatic guiding mechanism inside the beam not only ensures the cutting machine won't be off track, but greatly improves the production efficiency. With high power electric servo motor and reducer, the precision CNC plasma cutting machine has high travel speed of idle stroke (non-cutting speed) up to 20M/Min which can rapidly reach next cutting point. When the anti-sock assembly is bumped by obstacles over two kilometers, the CNC plasma cutting machine will stop automatically. Hence, the damage to the machine can be reduced. The precision CNC plasma cutting machine with high precision, high speed and high efficiency saves the trouble of reworking and reduces the customer's operating cost.

As a good substitute for the flame cutting machine, the CNC plasma cutter offers dross-free, quality cutting without thermal deformation. The precision CNC plasma cutting machine can cut mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials.


1 CNC System MicroEdge pro/ Edge Pro Hypertherm U.S.
2 Automatic Nesting Software FASTCAM Australia or MTC-ProNest from Hypertherm U.S.
3 Arc Voltage Torch Height Control Hypertherm SENSOR THC
4 Horizontal Towline, Vertical Towline CPS South Korea
5 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OMRON Japan
6 Digital AC Servo Motor Panasonic Japan
7 Speed Reducer SHIMPO Japan
8 Plasma power and cutting torch (including 25m cable) Customized

Specifications of Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Item 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm 4500mm 5000mm 5500mm 6000mm 6500mm 7000mm
Drive Type Double-sided drive
Transverse rail length 2200mm 2700mm 3200mm 3700mm 4200mm 4700mm 5200mm 5700mm 6200mm
Longitudinal rail length ≥10m
Longitudinal effective cutting length 2m less than the rail length
Idle stroke speed Double sided drive: 20000mm/min
Cutting speed 900-7000mm/min
Plasma cutting thickness Mild steel: ≤50mm, stainless steel: ≤120mm
Transverse cutting torch 1 or 2 sets (according to customer need)
Cutting torch lifting travel 150mm-180mm
Plasma cutting height control Arc voltage height control: Hypertherm SENSOR THC
Air compressor option 1.2m3 /min
Plasma dry dust extraction option As per customer need
Power supply AC: 220V ±5%, Frequency: 50-60Hz

Mechanical Precision

1 Non-cutting running speed < 20000mm/min
2 Linear positioning accuracy ±0.1mm/10m
3 Linear repeatability accuracy ±0.2mm/10m
4 Arc voltage automatic height adjustment precision ≤±0.1mm
5 Set speed error ≤±5%
6 Straightness of main guide rail ±0.2mm/10m
7 The vertical levelness of the main guide rail ±0.02mm/m
8 Degree of level between the two guide rails ±0.3mm/10m
9 Degree of parallelism between the two guide rails < ±1mm/gauge
10 Lineation accuracy Square: 0.8m ×0.8m Precision: GB: ≤±0.5mm QB (Factory Standard): ≤±0.3mm
11 Side length error (quad) 0.3mm
12 Diagonal deviation 0.3mm
13 Deviation of back to punch mark 0.2mm
14 Diagonal straightness 0.3mm
15 Intersection deviation 0.3mm
16 Linear deviation 0.2mm
17 Surface roughness Ra≤12.5μm
18 Cutting slope National Standards

In addition to precision CNC plasma cutting machine, we offer desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, robot excavator boom welding equipment, CNC flame bevel cutting machine, and more.

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