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Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
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Our desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is suitable for cutting small sized plates. The rails are 5m long with a 2m distance between them. The CNC plasma cutting machine uses Germany Kjellberg laser-like plasma power source HiFocus80i, with cutting thickness is 0.5mm-12mm. Providing laser-like cutting quality, the desktop CNC plasma cutting machine utilizes advanced Hypertherm's 3-axis Edge Pro control system. Special TRUE HOLE technology in the system makes the cut circular hole diameter to the steel plate thickness ratio reach 1:1 and improves the cutting precision of the machine. What's more, the cost of investment in the desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is only 1/3 of a laser cutting machine.


CNC System MicroEdge pro/ Edge Pro Hypertherm U.S.
Automatic Nesting Software FASTCAM Australia
Arc Voltage Torch Height Control Hypertherm SENSOR
Horizontal Towline, Vertical Towline CPS South Korea
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OMRON Japan
Digital AC Servo Motor Panasonic Japan
Speed Reducer SHIMPO Japan
Plasma Power and Cutting Torch (including 25m cable) Customized

Huaqiang is a China manufacturer of desktop CNC plasma cutting machine. Our company also provides CNC flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, robot plasma bevel cutting machine, among others.

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