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CNC Flame Bevel Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Bevel Cutting Machine
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Our CNC flame bevel cutting machine provides full automatic bevel cutting for mild steel. In view of the number of axis in the control system, our company only uses one flame torch for rotary cutting which can enhance the security of cutting. The CNC flame bevel cutting machine uses Australian TRIVERS control system which enables any angle cutting. The use of nesting software of Israel's C-CUT, a specialized manufacturer of nesting software for bevel cutting, improves the cutting quality and the utilization rate of the steel plate. The CNC flame bevel cutter is primarily applied to V, K and Y-shaped bevel cutting.


1 CNC System TNC2000F Trivers Corporation Australia
2 Groove Flame Cutting Device Trivers Corporation Australia
3 Automatic Nesting Software C-CUT Israel
4 Solenoid Valve CEME Italy
5 Horizontal Towline, Vertical Towline CPS South Korea
6 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OMRON Japan
7 Gas Pipe Italy
8 Digital AC Servo Motor Panasonic Japan
9 Speed Reducer SHIMPO Japan

As a specialized CNC flame bevel cutting machine manufacturer in China, Huaqiang also offers CNC plasma bevel cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, robot excavator boom welding equipment, and more.

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