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CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine
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Our CNC plasma bevel cutting machine can full automatically cut any steel plate. Customers should be cautious in choosing the plasma power supply in terms of the piercing thickness and edge cutting thickness, for the type of cutting, i.e. either punch cutting or cutting from the edges, varies with the thickness.

We use only precision plasma power source for our CNC plasma bevel cutting machine. The optional Hypertherm precision plasma power source HPR800XD offers cutting thickness of 40mm and max. edge cutting thickness of 80mm for mild steel, and max. edge cutting thickness of 160mm for stainless steel.


1 CNC System TNC2000 Trivers Corporation Australia
2 Groove Plasma Cutting Device Trivers Corporation Australia
3 Automatic Nesting Software C-CUT Israel
4 Arc Voltage Height Control Trivers Corporation Australia
5 Horizontal Towline, Vertical Towline CPS South Korea
6 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OMRON Japan
7 Digital AC Servo Motor Panasonic Japan
8 Speed Reducer SHIMPO Japan
9 Plasma Power and Cutting Torch (including 25m cable) Customized

We are a professional CNC plasma bevel cutting machine manufacturer in China. Our primary products include CNC flame cutting machine, precision CNC plasma cutting machine, and robot excavator bucket panel welding equipment etc.

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