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Robot Cutting Welding System

Huaqiang is a professional robot cutting welding system manufacturer in China. We offer robot plasma bevel cutting machine, robot welding equipment, CNC flame cutting machine, desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, among others.

Other Products
    1. Hypertherm Fine Plasma PowerOur company supplies a range of Hypertherm plasma power products including Powermax series (Powermax1250/Powermax1650), ...
    1. Kjellberg Plasma Power As for Kjellberg plasma power products, there are laser-like HiFocus series and FineFocus series fine plasma power. The FineFocus series is a good choice ...
    1. Flame ConsumablesPlasma consumables mainly include electrode and nozzle. Customer order should be based on the model of the plasma power source.
    1. Beam StructureThe beam structure is fit for 10-300mm mild steel cutting.
      The structure doesn't cause the beam deformation.
    1. Welding ProcessIn the welding process, strengthened rib is utilized to improve the strength of the beam structure, so the beam will not be affected by thermal cutting.
    1. Annealing Process Double annealing treatments are conducted to eliminate the welding stress as well as steel internal stress of the beam structure products, which results in ...