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Plasma Power

    1. Hypertherm Fine Plasma PowerOur company supplies a range of Hypertherm plasma power products including Powermax series (Powermax1250/Powermax1650), MAX200, long-life HSD130/HT200 in addition to Hypertherm fine plasma power HPRXD series.
    1. Kjellberg Plasma Power As for Kjellberg plasma power products, there are laser-like HiFocus series and FineFocus series fine plasma power. The FineFocus series is a good choice for high quality stainless steel cutting. The FineFocus1600 plasma power can be used to cut stainless steel with max. thickness of 160mm.

Our CNC plasma cutting machine mainly utilizes Hypertherm and Kjellberg plasma power. We are a Chinese OEM provider for Hypertherm and Kjellberg, both of which are plasma power source suppliers. Other plasma power options are available, such as American Thermal Dynamics, and American ESAB, etc.

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