Changzhou Huaqiang Welding and Cutting Equipment Company Ltd., founded in the 1990's, specializes in the R&D and manufacture of fine quality cutting and welding machinery. We employ professional technicians, who, through the use of advanced manufacturing equipment, create our quality plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, precision CNC plasma cutting machine, and other products. We have obtained ISO9001:2000 international certification, the national mandatory "CCC" certification, and our CNC flame cutting machine and precision CNC plasma cutting machine have been certified by the National Industry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Large quantities of our products have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, and other countries. In recent years, our cutting and welding machinery, including our robot welding equipment, has been widely used in engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, shipbuilding, special vehicles, pressure vessels, environmental protection equipment, weapons, aerospace, and other industries.

Main Products